A Few Days With the SlimFold Tyvek Wallet

Update (January 19, 2014): After 2 Slimfolds, I’m still completely satisfied. I ordered a Slimfold Micro today. Read on for my initial experiences.

My SlimFold Wallet arrived in Bangkok. Here’s a photo of mine when loaded.

Photo of SlimFold Tyvek Wallet in use

After five days – and two walks through monsoonal downpours – I highly recommend it. A few smart UX choices make all the difference.

  • Each section actually holds two cards. In the photo, you can see both card pockets on one of the sections. There’s two more sections (four pockets) inside. It doesn’t try to make a statement about how much crap I should carry.

  • Cards are held firmly because the Tyvek isn’t pre-streched. Each pocket retains whatever capacity you stretch it to. (My tendency to RTFM/Skim TFM paid off here: the instructions warn not to ever stuff two cards into one pocket.)

  • They chose a good compromise between thickness, capacity, and physical size. It’s slightly larger than a typical trifold, and in return, can hold 10 cards and still stay hipster thin.

  • The ID pocket is secured by a folding tab, and more remarkably, it actually stays closed.

The creator notes that he made and tested over 100 prototypes, and it shows. It’s available in Plutonian Gray, Steal Me Orange, and now Everyone Asks For It Black.