Notes on Standing Desk

I posted a bit about my first 6 weeks with a standing desk on Philip Greenspun’s blog. The post is below.

I bought both a GeekDesk Max frame and an Uplift 920. The 920 has a removable section of the desk mount so it can accept a full-depth keyboard drawer.

I kept the Uplift and after 2 months, am thrilled with it. They’re both excellent products and incredible values. I opted for the Uplift because of the removable section, a longer warranty, no back brace between the legs (leaves room for bike or taller treadmill), and a design which allows the controls to be mounted anywhere. I don’t see any difference in sturdiness or daily use. The motor on the Uplift is slightly faster, but it makes no difference. I mounted an IKEA Numerar solid butcher block on it, mostly because just about all desktops on the market are deeper than the ~24” I wanted.

A lot of adjustable standing desks are actually rebranded legs, controls, and control boxes from a company called LINAK: LINAK. Other than the very high-end office furniture makers, I’d guess more than half of electric adjustable desks are from LINAK VARs (GeekDesk and THS included): LINAK Deskline

Now that I know how to spot them, I see Uplifts everywhere. The standing desk photo in this article is the Uplift or identical components.

Along with the desk, buy a large CumulusPRO mat: The Wirecutter. A quality anti-fatigue mat is not optional. I also use a Kinesis Freestyle split keyboard and Evoluent VerticalMouse. Typing and mousing feel like extending my arms forward. Otherwise, just listen to your body. If you’re exhausted or something hurts, sit down.

I have no firsthand experience with a treadmill desk. Our accountant uses a treadmill desk and has for years. He swears by it.

I bought my desk intending to add either a treadmill or a bike. Last week, I ordered a bike because I wanted to also use it for full-energy cycling (while not working or barely occupied). It’s essentially this, only with a belt drive Sunny SF-B1002 flywheel bike instead of the chain drive Marcy bike in the photo.